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Mill Valley Luxury Properties for Sale

There are quite a few properties listed for sale in Mill Valley at the high end of the market (over $3 million).

This property on Sidney Street in Mill Valley is listed for $3,950,000.

The property is 4600 square feet on over 1/4 acre +/-.  Another feature that we are seeing more of now is that the property features ‘green’ technology, which means many of the special features of the property are environmentally friendly.  The property was brand new in 2008, and offers a great balance of indoor/outdoor living.

Another property listed for sale on Century Drive in Mill Valley is listed for $6,875,000. The property is  6100 square feet on 1/2 acre +/-. It features unsurpassed views of the San Francisco Bay, the city of San Francisco, and Sausalito.  The property is a very modern style home, as you can see from the picture below.

Despite the type of real estate market that we are experiencing, there will always continue to be properties for sale at the high end of the market, where prices are not as affected as much as at the lower end. This is the case especially when the properties are one of a kind.


09 2010