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Live the Dream

YOU'VE WORKED HARD and sacrificed, been through the bad and the good times, gotten a few breaks. You're proud of your family and what you have been able to achieve. Now it's time to take your reward, to savor the best that life has to offer.

And where better to do this than magnificent Marin? Few places on the planet have been as favored by the gods as has the peninsula called Marin County. Beautiful Marin homes. Plenty of sunshine and just the right amount of rainfall. Warm days turning to cool evenings. Fresh ocean breezes to scrub the air and push our sailboats across the Bay. Mountains to climb, tide pools to explore, beaches, bays, meadows in profusion. Fact is, nearly ninety percent of Marin is open space, most of it available for the recreation of its inhabitants.

You'll also find top-notch private and public schools. Excellent transportation and shopping. Restaurants that rival the best in the City. But what truly sets Marin apart, what makes us unique, is our people.

People like you who have achieved much in life, who aren't hesitant to have standards. People who care about each other and the environment. People with the courage to live their dreams.

Perhaps deep-down you've always really wanted to live here but, for lots of perfectly good reasons, you've put the notion aside, settled for something else. Or, maybe you already live here, and your home doesn't really suit you anymore: it's time for a step up. You've been looking through the ads and cruising the Sunday open houses. We understand, and we can help.