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LOOKING for data on Marin schools? We have linked to the state's STAR reports. Also see our list of local public and private school web sites.

But, stats and graphs only tell part of the story. Our kids have individual strengths and needs that are hard to reduce to numbers. The question becomes, "What is the best school for my son or daughter, and how do I go about finding it?"

We were fortunate enough to have found a school administrator with a broad and detailed knowledge of virtually all schools across Marin. She has agreed to act as a consultant exclusively for our clients. We feel so strongly about this great opportunity that we pay for the first two hours of consultation.

Our clients tell us they could have searched for weeks on their own and not found the value they received in one session with our consultant.

If you are in the market to buy a home in Marin County and have children in school, this is an incredible service. For more details, fill out our buyer's form.

One reason the schools in Marin are top-notch is because the parents get involved.

Public Schools

The public schools in Marin are excellent. The Marin County public schools average SAT scores and graduation rates are higher than the state and the nation. Click here to view the 2011-12 test scores. Click here to read the 2009-10 Accountability Progress Report. If you would like to read the report from last year (2008-2009), click here.

For a free, 70-page report on Marin County Public Schools, please call or e-mail Ron Parks at West Bay Properties.

For a list of the schools in Marin with links to their web pages, plus the STAR reports, click here. Don't forget to come back!

Private Schools

The are many private schools in Marin County ranging from Montessori to almost all denominations. We have included a partial list with links to those schools that have a web site.